allison + reiss || mountain anniversary session

i always love my time with these two. allison is one of the kindest hearts with a passion for sharing her faith and amazing talent with the world. and reiss is calm, cool, and loves his wife so sweetly. we drove over to north carolina to celebrate their anniversary with an adventure session on max patch. their beautiful austrailian shepherd, evie, made the trip too. we hiked to the top and spent the next hour running and spinning through fields of wildflowers and fighting off a million gnats. welcome, summer. this is allison + reiss. 

heather + rob || gatlinburg destination wedding photographer

i connected with heather while reading through her initial inquiry when she told me all about her vision to elope in the smoky mountains with her fiancé, rob, and his son, logan. we spoke back and forth for days and i learned how important this intimate gathering of their closest loved ones would be. 

it was drizzling from the moment i arrived until i drove away later that afternoon. the fog was thick and their was the faintest mountain breeze. heather got ready with her sister and best friend while rob hung out and played arcade games with logan downstairs. 

after the sweetest ceremony on front steps with their handmade garland swirling with the breeze, the horne family became one. this is rob + heather. 

mary + mike || north carolina elopement photographer




i left my house at half past four to meet mike + mary in the blue ridge mountains. it was still dark as i was driving up the rocky path to meet them. we slowly made our way up the mountain as the sun quickly rose. by 7:30 it was 85 degrees and full sun. -- yeah, summer. 

i played music throughout the morning and encouraged them to pretend i wasn't there. they stopped to exchange vows. and then again to exchange rings. and a final time as they shared a first dance on top of the bald. i'm not entirely sure what was said between those sacred moments, but witnessing the way these two look at each other... it was good. 

this is mary + mike and their sunrise elopement in the mountains. 



katrina + jake || chattanooga wedding photographer


i met katrina + jake a few months before their april wedding over appetizers + drinks. after sharing a huge pile of french fries and laughing over stories from throughout their relationship, i knew we were going to have a blast at the wedding. 

we travelled down to chattanooga and up to lookout mountain to get to their venue, the grandview. a quaint storybook villa nestled on the side of a mountain. we spent time with both katrina and jake before their ceremony, documenting the moments that led up to these two seeing each other for the first time at their ceremony. as guests looked on, they exchanged tear-filled vows and i quietly wept behind my camera because if you cry, i cry. and i cry at every wedding!

after the ceremony, we snuck away for a toast and a few portraits. as we were finishing up family formals, we began to hear thunder in the distance, steadily creeping towards us. and by the start of the reception, the monsoon of the year had struck the grandview. everyone grabbed tables, chairs, and musical equipment and squeezed in the middle of the dance floor until the storm passed. 

afterwards, the party ensued with katrina + jake sharing their first dance to tennesssee whiskey and jake singing the verses to katrina. after a delicious meal, everyone hit the dance floor and the band played on, ending with a tennessee crowd favorite, rocky top. 

this is katrina + jake on their wedding day. 

kenzie + jordan || knoxville wedding photographer

kenzie + jordan travelled all the way from florida to tennessee with their closest family and friends to spend a long weekend celebrating their nuptials in the smoky mountains. we arrived at the cabin not long after the sun had risen. a thick fog surrounded the lodge and hung on through late morning, masking the vast mountain range hidden behind the trees. everyone came together throughout the morning to gather floral arrangements, decorate the dessert table, and set up a beautiful and simple ceremony site with the smoky mountains serving as the perfect background. 

their ceremony was short and so effortlessly sweet, with jordan vowing kenzie to get her a puppy... (he lived up to that one!) and followed by a reception lunch on beautiful old farm tables filled with the ones they love most. 

anna + nathan || knoxville love session

i met anna + nathan on a foggy april morning minutes before sunrise. they wrapped themselves in a blanket as we wandered down to the water. i turned on my spring playlist and let these two fall into an effortless rhythm. as the sun was rising over the trees and that golden light poured through, i asked them to just embrace and take a moment to be still. i couldn't get over how much in that brief moment i was reminded of my favorite scene in pride and prejudice, when mr. darcy was walking toward elizabeth in the field. and as if that moment could not get any better, from my phone just a few feet away - the beautiful song from that very scene happened to be playing. 


here are anna + nathan on a spring morning in knoxville, tennessee. 

allie + taylor || knoxville engagement session.

a few weeks ago, i put a model call out for one of my branding jobs here in town looking for an adventurous, madly in love couple. allie, one of my instagram friends and fellow photographer reached out letting me know that her and her fiancé were available. these two were recently engaged and their sweet love for each other reminded me of why i love documenting love stories. our morning was spent in the fog, watching the sunrise over the water with the smoky mountains in the distance. these two made my job easy. this is allie + taylor. 

olivia | part one.

collaborating with other artists is crucial for my creative spirit. the winter months can be slow while i'm waiting for spring and wedding season to begin. so when jillian savage from glam nashville reached out about working together in knoxville, i knew it was exactly what i was needing. part one of our shoot begins in an abandoned warehouse we stumbled upon. we played with shadow and light in this industrial setting. hope you enjoy these images and stay tuned for part two. 


hair + makeup: jillian savage from @glamnashville

model + styling: olivia woodford 

allison + reiss || knoxville engagement session.

just before the holidays i received the sweetest message from allison hoping to schedule a winter session with her husband and high school sweetheart. she mentioned that she would be bringing a bouquet and wearing a flower crown (by the talented rose moss designs) but when she got out of the car, i was left speechless. the sun decided to come out just as we began shooting so we hid between christmas trees and embraced the warm glow. as the temperature dropped, these two lovebirds kept warm in each other's arms. this is allison + reiss. 

the fisher family. || knoxville family photographer

spent a foggy morning chasing after the fisher family and capturing a few still moments. each of them so full of personality. we raced to beat the sun before escaping to the trees. this is whitney, jimmy, skylar, and jax.

the ray wedding. || nashville wedding photographer

earlier this fall, i was invited to second shoot a beautiful nashville wedding with the amazingly talented alissa saylor. i held back tears as these two said, "i do." a perfect fall day with a cool breeze and a golden sun that set behind the historic rose mont home. this is cole + lindsay. 

the bailey family. || gatlinburg family photographer

it was a chance encounter, meeting the bailey family. i was on my way out from a shoot at the dream more resort where they happened to have just arrived for a family vacation. i drove back to  dream more later that week to capture their family a few hours before they would return home. the boys played corn hole, looked for bugs, and each told their favorite jokes.

a few days later, rachel messaged me saying, "it was a god thing putting you there that day for us to cross paths, you managed to capture the essence of our family." what a special reminder as to why i chose to tell stories. this is the bailey family. 

at home with kaley from kansas.

i recently spent a morning in kansas city with my sweet friend kaley in her beautiful home. her love of natural light, texture, and minimal design makes for a photographer's dream. which is important considering kaley is one of the most talented photographers in the city. we listened to music, tried on beautiful free people dresses, and took a few photos before heading out for coffee. i sure will miss this girl. this is kaley from kansas. 

spring in the midwest.

one of my favorite things about living in the midwest is experiencing four seasons each year. growing up in the south, we are used to short seasons that never offer everything you hope for. i have loved watching the year pass by with what each season brings. spring in the midwest is brisk days and magnolia blooms, petals and peonies lining the sidewalk, and watching the city come to life with color.